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BVD is a brand of men's underwear, which are commonly referred to as "BVDs". The brand was founded in 1876 and named after the three founders of the New York City firm Bradley, Voorhees & Day (thus "B.V.D."). The term came to be used, however incorrectly, for any underwear in the style popularized by BVD. The BVD brand, originally produced for men and women, in the United States is now produced solely for men by Fruit of the Loom. The BVD brand is also sold in Japan.

Sherry Martin angrily mentioned, "BVD underwear NOT as advertised !!!! Very unhappy they are not I variety as shown in the picture . They send you 2 packs of 3. Same boxers. If I wanted the same boxers I would order 2 packs of 3 myself. However I want the variety That was shown in this picture. To bad this is false and they should take this picture down. fraudulent picture"


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Former Employee - Marketing Department says

"Management is an absolute nightmare; corporate atmosphere; utterly stifling lack of creativity and independence; micro-management hell. My job became utterly miserable as I didn't have enough to do, most of the time I was unoccupied, yet at the same time the stifling micro-management and domineering constant changes utterly ruined my ability to move my work forward. I came to feel that everything was utterly futile and pointless. Every single piece of work was changed beyond all recognition and went through countless changes, to the point where I wondered why they didn't just do it themselves. Complete waste of my time and theirs. If I had been allowed to actually get on with it, then I could have produced ten thousand times more work than I did at this company. In my new job, already in the space of a couple of weeks I've produced far more than I ever did at BVD, and I've been praised for it. Ultimately, the place is not being managed well. Too many people are leaving, good talent is being wasted and under-appreciated, and they're driving people away unnecessarily. It should be a cautionary tale in how not to run a department."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salaries and pay rise policy."

Foreman/equipment operator (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked anywhere before that I was treated so poorly at. No option for insurance, paid time off, raises or promotion. The owner and upper management are extremely rude, careless and selfish.Crew vehicleEverything about the company is a con"

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